The first time I heard the phrase “August visitor” I was quite young and it set me a-wondering… first off, we were not in the month of August so, why would my Mum refer to the person who came around as an “August visitor”? Secondly, the person who Momma referred to was someone we got to see now and then so why the use of the phrase?… Well, it’s taken me years but I’ve come to understand that the phrase is used to describe an unexpected but very welcome visitor.

What got me on this line of thought yesterday is the fact that July had come to an end and it was ushering in a special month for me – special because August is full of special memories for me so much so that it seems August is my very personal December… or January.

So, the day dawned bright and beautiful and ushered with it memories from the day I birthed our 2nd son, Oloche. I remember it like it was yesterday… I remember being in the hospital 3 days before his delivery… A foley catheter had been inserted to induce delivery and so with fingers crossed, the countdown began… the 29th of July came and went… so did the 30th and 31st… That big bundle of a miracle came strolling in on the 1st of August 2013 and so continued the wonderful journey of motherhood… Today, he is 5 and oh my, my heart is full of gratitude.


I’ll take us back a bit… 15 years ago, as a jambite in the University, I met an amazing lady who has come to be a dear, dear sister. She celebrates her birthday every 16th August and 2 years ago, on the 1st of August, she gave birth to a little prince charming (Yeah I know, some friendships are sealed in heaven😎😊).

My dear friend Kc and her son, Sammy

The gist continues… 20-something years ago, my Mother’s brother’s wife (I am Nigerian😋) gave birth to a chubby little princess who was all red when I first laid eyes on her… it was instant love (That happens when you’ve pleaded with your Mom for a sister all your own and it hasn’t happened and you’re stuck in the middle of two boys 🙍🙍). Well, this miracle happened in the month of August – the 23rd and to me, that was my miracle of the little sister I had always wanted… she’s 20-something now and keeps making me a really proud and greatful big sister.

My ‘baby’ sister😍

Finally, 2 years ago, I was heavily pregnant around this time… the end of the gist is this: Our littlest miracle -Enenche came on the 30th of August 2016. B and I always joke about how we have one son who ‘opens’ and another who ‘shuts’ the month of August.

Enenche, Circa 2017

So, you see, the month of August is not just any month for me. It’s a month where I get to recount God’s faithfulness time and again… not just to me but to those so dear to my heart.

To my sons Salem and Sammy, Happy, Happy Birthday! To you dear reader, may this month usher in a newness for you which will birth memories worth remembering and being thankful for…

Did I mention that August means respected and Impressive? Well it does! Do have an excellent August.

I love you all.

Zara Obaa