The Ides Of July


I have no intention of trying to define what Ides is… it is a lot of old English tied up in Latin and thing is “me ma I never understand am finish”. For the sake of this post, consider the topic as: The Days Of July 😉

So, hello. It’s been a while… like a long while… Dear reader, how have you been? It seems like it was just yesterday we were all saying “Hello 2019” and then here we are in July already… where did all the time go?🤷‍♂️

Anyways, I kinda struggled with the topic of today’s post… I had really wanted it to be Beginning Again but somehow, the words just would not come together… But the gist behind that would have been plenty… I will however cut it short…

About 2 months ago, my family took a very big and very bold step… we moved from the very familiar to the not so familiar… We migrated from Nigeria and on one of those early days post arrival, while talking about stuff we needed to get and what not I was like “this is like starting our lives all over”… B looks at me and says “It’s not like… it is starting all over”… For the past few weeks, my life I would say has been beautifully busy… This beginning is one that I really like and maybe as time goes on, I’ll get to share it with you…

For now, it’s July and it’s days are going to pass by swiftly as you please… There’s so much to be done but do take a pause in all the busyness now and again to bask in God’s goodness… to count your blessings – whether they are a truckload or a bucketful and when you’re done or while still at it whisper to your maker just how greatful you are…

May your July be everything beautiful and may the lines fall for you in amazing places.



How The Words Passion And Selfless Have A Face

You know how you mEEt people and you wonder if their packaging came with extra doses of compassion… Well, I’ve met one and I’m excited to have you mEEt him… Here are excerpts from my E-terview with Mr. Jeremiah Oseni – Super amazing man who is making such a huge difference in the world. Enjoy…

Zara Obaa: Good morning Sir… Good to have you on #EverydayPeople. Thank you for your time. So, may we meet you? Who is Jeremiah Oseni?

Jeremiah Oseni: Yes of course 😊, Jeremiah Oseni is a Nigerian, Edo born a brother of 4 siblings. I am an Educationist by qualification, an Public Speaker by training and a humanitarian by calling.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… When you say humanitarian, what’s your definition for the word?

Jeremiah Oseni: I love people, wether old or young, newly born or aged people, my heart easily goes for people no matter their tribe, status or class. I love to give to make these people happy and even though not 100% comfortable but at least *Happy*. And overtime I’ve come to discover that that’s my weak point as well, I can go to any length to make sure that one poor person’s legitimate course is achieved, even when it is to the detriment of my comfort, bank account or stomach😊.

Zara Obaa: Wow! Has being who you are had any negative effect on your relationships with your friends? I ask because ordinarily people tend to not understand people like you… Especially Loved ones.

Jeremiah Oseni: Ha! My dear, apart from my family members and some very few close friends who have gotten to know me from way back, most other persons have always had challenges believing and understanding me and this has affected some of my relationships. I get comments like these all the time, like, “When was the last time you went for a psych test? Because I think you’re not normal”, “Young people don’t do what you do, you need to build your life first before doing what you’re doing now”, “See, even this person you’re doing this thing for might not remember you tomorrow so just save your time and energy and do better things for yourself”, “Jerry see, right now you need to focus on a good career and not this Father Christmas that you’re everywhere doing like this”….. So it’s been tough maintaining steady relationships with people who don’t understand. But trust me, those who believe in me truly do and they also go to the extreme to support what I do too.

Zara Obaa: Hmm. So, now you’re leading me to ask: what is it that you do?

Jeremiah Oseni: I do what makes the next person *Happy*, *Hopeful* and a *Better Citizen*…. That is what I do through Dbegotin Educational Foundation🙏🏼😊

Zara Obaa: Dbegotin… Can you tell us what she/he is all about? 🙂

Jeremiah Oseni: Okay, Dbegotin is an organization. A nonprofit organization that is geared towards literacy Enhancement, advocacy for the Girl Child towards #EndChildMarriage and also Teacher’s Quality. It was founded in 2015 in Abuja Nigeria and ever since we have carried out programmes in Abuja and also in Gombe state with regards to our goals.

Zara Obaa: Let’s take it from the beginning… I have followed your activities for a while and I know it’s no small feat you’ve undertaken… You are young… So I’m wondering: How ‘easy’ was it for you starting out?

Jeremiah Oseni: To be honest it wasn’t hard to start. Somehow I just found myself doing it, I guess it was because the zeal was already in me for it. I didn’t struggle for one to start, what I determined in my heart was what kept playing out. And with the quality of the amazing team I have working hand in hand towards ensuring the success of each and every of our event, we just saw things happen accordingly. Now that doesn’t mean that we haven’t faced hard times during the course of our movement but we’ve always conquered all.

Like they say “nothing good just comes easy on a platter”. So it means that whatever comes on a platter is something really heated and worth it yea, so whenever we face those challenges we just say “oh this is another chicken for us, let’s go through the heat from it so that it can come out on a gold platter at the other side” and the more the heat that you go through, the better the quality of the food/results that will be produced at the end of the day.😀 And this is how we have been able to tackle some challenges in our programme executions, government registrations, reaches, etc.😊 But outside of all these, we do have a lot of fun in doing our programmes 🕺🏼💃🏼😊

Zara Obaa: 🙂🙂 About the hurdles… When tough times come, what’s your recipé for overcoming?

Jeremiah Oseni: Prayers and good counsel. Then I try not to magnify the problem, because of course I’m bigger than whatever challenge it is. So I try not to think about it too much and go about ways of overcoming the hurdles easily.

Zara Obaa: Unto Money matters… How do you get funding for your projects?

Jeremiah Oseni: So far funding has only come from friends and family members. This is because I have made it so, I’m not into this for profit or name and all of that. What we do doesn’t actually cost much, we need more hands to work than the money. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be open to big organizations or Partnerships soon, we just want to go some extent with our own funds for now and establish things on ground before going out for grants and other.

Zara Obaa: Why the focus on the girl child? Why not children generally?

Jeremiah Oseni: Dbegotin Educational Foundation doesn’t just focus on the Girl Child, we promote literacy in its entirety, not considering gender, tribe or religion. But where we focus on the Girl Child is on the area of the #EndChildMarriage programnme which we do. And also for the advocacy programme on Girls equal enrollment in schools.

Zara Obaa: Tell us about the Spelling Bee competition that is coming up.

Jeremiah Oseni: Okay, the Spelling Bee Competition – #SBC, is a programme under our Literacy Enhancement drive which we organise annually with the aim to Inspire, Motivate and Celebrate pupils in Local Education Authority Schools. The event enrolls strictly, only pupils from LEA schools across the areas we have our presence in already and winners of this event are awarded full tuition scholarships till they leave secondary School and this year, the grand winner will also be installed and celebrated as an Area Council Chairman for one day. This we believe will spur the drive for learning and the benefits of Education to these learners.



The first time I heard the phrase “August visitor” I was quite young and it set me a-wondering… first off, we were not in the month of August so, why would my Mum refer to the person who came around as an “August visitor”? Secondly, the person who Momma referred to was someone we got to see now and then so why the use of the phrase?… Well, it’s taken me years but I’ve come to understand that the phrase is used to describe an unexpected but very welcome visitor.

What got me on this line of thought yesterday is the fact that July had come to an end and it was ushering in a special month for me – special because August is full of special memories for me so much so that it seems August is my very personal December… or January.

So, the day dawned bright and beautiful and ushered with it memories from the day I birthed our 2nd son, Oloche. I remember it like it was yesterday… I remember being in the hospital 3 days before his delivery… A foley catheter had been inserted to induce delivery and so with fingers crossed, the countdown began… the 29th of July came and went… so did the 30th and 31st… That big bundle of a miracle came strolling in on the 1st of August 2013 and so continued the wonderful journey of motherhood… Today, he is 5 and oh my, my heart is full of gratitude.


I’ll take us back a bit… 15 years ago, as a jambite in the University, I met an amazing lady who has come to be a dear, dear sister. She celebrates her birthday every 16th August and 2 years ago, on the 1st of August, she gave birth to a little prince charming (Yeah I know, some friendships are sealed in heaven😎😊).

My dear friend Kc and her son, Sammy

The gist continues… 20-something years ago, my Mother’s brother’s wife (I am Nigerian😋) gave birth to a chubby little princess who was all red when I first laid eyes on her… it was instant love (That happens when you’ve pleaded with your Mom for a sister all your own and it hasn’t happened and you’re stuck in the middle of two boys 🙍🙍). Well, this miracle happened in the month of August – the 23rd and to me, that was my miracle of the little sister I had always wanted… she’s 20-something now and keeps making me a really proud and greatful big sister.

My ‘baby’ sister😍

Finally, 2 years ago, I was heavily pregnant around this time… the end of the gist is this: Our littlest miracle -Enenche came on the 30th of August 2016. B and I always joke about how we have one son who ‘opens’ and another who ‘shuts’ the month of August.

Enenche, Circa 2017

So, you see, the month of August is not just any month for me. It’s a month where I get to recount God’s faithfulness time and again… not just to me but to those so dear to my heart.

To my sons Salem and Sammy, Happy, Happy Birthday! To you dear reader, may this month usher in a newness for you which will birth memories worth remembering and being thankful for…

Did I mention that August means respected and Impressive? Well it does! Do have an excellent August.

I love you all.

Zara Obaa


Ready, Set, … Wait

We’ve seen it happen one too many times… the deferment of hope. You had all your hopes up… you were full of excitement over the things that were set to happen to you and for you when all of a sudden, things fell apart and your hopes were all dashed…

Maybe it was that University admission you had been waiting for… Maybe it’s that relationship you had believed with all your heart was headed to the altar or that business contract… you had done all you were asked to do and your fingers were all crossed, set waiting for the call that never came. Maybe it’s the baby you prayed and waited for… 2, 3 years down the line, a missed period… a visit to the doctor and then you hear words you’ve longed to hear… but wait, 3 months later, a show of blood and… there goes your baby… I could go on… and on… but true to every circumstance described above, the wise one painted the words perfectly when he penned them down:

“Hope deferred maketh the heart sick…”
Proverbs 13:20

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Time and again, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the feeling that deferred hope brings. I call it a privilege simply because that is what it has been. For in those moments of utter despair over failure concerning the things I was hoping for, my trust in God grew… my faith in Him deepened and dependence on Him and His word increased and this only means one thing – that I have grown a little more with every disappointment that has come my way.

So, if your’e wondering what to do after your hopes have been dashed or maybe broken to infinitely small impossible-to-gather fragments, I’ll tell you this: Cry a little, or alot… Yell at someone or something or into your pillow… Talk to someone about it, or don’t if you do not feel like it… and when you’re done, hold on… Hold on to the infallible word of God. Know in your heart and simply because His word says so that Jesus understands and is not happy over what you’re going through… And through it all, lift up your head, open your mouth wide and boldly declare:

“l have set my face like a flint, I know I will not be ashamed for the Lord will help me; Therefore I will not be disgraced. ”
Isaiah 50:7
You know why? Because He will… And that thing you hoped for will come. Maybe not today, tomorrow or even in the next 3 years but, IT WILL COME and you will remember that I did tell you so!

Do have a blessed weekend.



I got thinking recently and I asked myself,  if I were Jesus (knowing well I never could be), what will I do? ( or rather what could I have done?) Will I have ever agreed to leave the splendor and glory and presence of God and that for 33 years? Hian!… Ok, say I agree to that, next question: Will I have come, not just as a baby but to such humble beginnings? Trust me, Zara would have come swooping down in all my glory from the skies… probably with the whole constellations as my escorts ( That’s the way to make an entrance right? 😁😁😁) Please don’t go looking at me the way you are right now…

But then, think about it: The Son of God! The Sun of righteousness!! Saviour,  Redeemer, coming as He did… living as He did… no wonder I’m pondering like many have before me: “What manner of a man – no, God is this?” and the answer is as simple as this: He did all He did because of love… His love for me… and it’s not just for me… it’s for the whole of humanity… The Almighty God loves us… And that in present continuous tense. He loved us yesterday, He loves us today and He will love us tomorrow… Nothing can separate us from His love!

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He loves you so completely that Jesus chose to come to earth to live… He came in the humblest of forms – as a baby… The One who created the heavens and the earth came as one who needed to be bathed and fed and carried – imagine that. .. He who holds the universe in His hands was being carried by the very hands He fashioned… Oh! I am in awe!!!

The One who is knowledge and understanding and insight and wisdom and excellence sat and learnt under His very creation… what manner of a man… no, God, is this? what manner of a love He loves… Boundless,  unfathomable,  unending, indescribable love!

I am loved! I am His beloved!! This is one fact I can’t get over. It is one fact that keeps amazing me and leaves me constantly in awe… I love Him and all because He loved me first!



A New Song

It always begins with a thought. Always. I can never fully describe the howness of it all, but then, it always begins with a thought… or better yet, a word. Mine was focus… there I was in church. My lips were praying, but my heart was not. All of a sudden, my thoughts formed the word focus, all on their own and that was it… the words just kept coming and now I have a song. A song that is all mine. A heart song for my maker… the One who knows my frame… the one who knows how feeble and frail I am… the One whom I fail now and again… the One who sees me as I am and still choose to give me a heart song…

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It’s interesting to me how we constantly keep asking God for or telling Him how much we need a new song when all around us, new songs are waiting to be sung… Songs that will inspire worship to our Creator… Father… The God of all flesh… Think upon His goodness and faithfulness and there, you’ll have a new song all your own like Nathaniel Bassey with “Imela”.

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Brood upon His word… see His work and wonders in the days of old, consider how He’s doing the same today and like Ada Ehi, you’ll be singing “Only You”. Ponder upon His presence and all that you can be and get from being before him and just like Victoria Orenze, you’ll be singing “Draw”. I can go on and on… I guess that all I’m trying to say is this: you are surrounded by the makings of your new song… open your eyes and behold it darling… It’s probably is just a thought away…

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Meanwhile, where did the time go? Was it not only a few weeks back we were wishing ourselves a happy new year? How did we go from January to June in the blink of an eye? Well, ’tis true… Time does wait for no one. So, whatever it is you’ve got to do, get up, and get to it! You know why? ‘cos tomorrow, we’ll be kissing 2018 goodbye and if one is not careful, all you’ll be left with will be regrets and/or wishful thoughts. So, call up that friend or sibling. Drop that grudge. You’ve held unto it long enough and all it’s given you is pain. Forgive your spouse. Annoying as he/she is, their your only option. Love – with all of your being. Laugh out very loud and really hard – it’s a heart remedy and then, hand over all your worries to God – He cares for you you know and you just go ahead and have a super amazing month of June.

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It feels good to back… I never stopped musing, I just got a tad lazy 🙂