How The Words Passion And Selfless Have A Face

You know how you mEEt people and you wonder if their packaging came with extra doses of compassion… Well, I’ve met one and I’m excited to have you mEEt him… Here are excerpts from my E-terview with Mr. Jeremiah Oseni – Super amazing man who is making such a huge difference in the world. Enjoy…

Zara Obaa: Good morning Sir… Good to have you on #EverydayPeople. Thank you for your time. So, may we meet you? Who is Jeremiah Oseni?

Jeremiah Oseni: Yes of course 😊, Jeremiah Oseni is a Nigerian, Edo born a brother of 4 siblings. I am an Educationist by qualification, an Public Speaker by training and a humanitarian by calling.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… When you say humanitarian, what’s your definition for the word?

Jeremiah Oseni: I love people, wether old or young, newly born or aged people, my heart easily goes for people no matter their tribe, status or class. I love to give to make these people happy and even though not 100% comfortable but at least *Happy*. And overtime I’ve come to discover that that’s my weak point as well, I can go to any length to make sure that one poor person’s legitimate course is achieved, even when it is to the detriment of my comfort, bank account or stomach😊.

Zara Obaa: Wow! Has being who you are had any negative effect on your relationships with your friends? I ask because ordinarily people tend to not understand people like you… Especially Loved ones.

Jeremiah Oseni: Ha! My dear, apart from my family members and some very few close friends who have gotten to know me from way back, most other persons have always had challenges believing and understanding me and this has affected some of my relationships. I get comments like these all the time, like, “When was the last time you went for a psych test? Because I think you’re not normal”, “Young people don’t do what you do, you need to build your life first before doing what you’re doing now”, “See, even this person you’re doing this thing for might not remember you tomorrow so just save your time and energy and do better things for yourself”, “Jerry see, right now you need to focus on a good career and not this Father Christmas that you’re everywhere doing like this”….. So it’s been tough maintaining steady relationships with people who don’t understand. But trust me, those who believe in me truly do and they also go to the extreme to support what I do too.

Zara Obaa: Hmm. So, now you’re leading me to ask: what is it that you do?

Jeremiah Oseni: I do what makes the next person *Happy*, *Hopeful* and a *Better Citizen*…. That is what I do through Dbegotin Educational Foundation🙏🏼😊

Zara Obaa: Dbegotin… Can you tell us what she/he is all about? 🙂

Jeremiah Oseni: Okay, Dbegotin is an organization. A nonprofit organization that is geared towards literacy Enhancement, advocacy for the Girl Child towards #EndChildMarriage and also Teacher’s Quality. It was founded in 2015 in Abuja Nigeria and ever since we have carried out programmes in Abuja and also in Gombe state with regards to our goals.

Zara Obaa: Let’s take it from the beginning… I have followed your activities for a while and I know it’s no small feat you’ve undertaken… You are young… So I’m wondering: How ‘easy’ was it for you starting out?

Jeremiah Oseni: To be honest it wasn’t hard to start. Somehow I just found myself doing it, I guess it was because the zeal was already in me for it. I didn’t struggle for one to start, what I determined in my heart was what kept playing out. And with the quality of the amazing team I have working hand in hand towards ensuring the success of each and every of our event, we just saw things happen accordingly. Now that doesn’t mean that we haven’t faced hard times during the course of our movement but we’ve always conquered all.

Like they say “nothing good just comes easy on a platter”. So it means that whatever comes on a platter is something really heated and worth it yea, so whenever we face those challenges we just say “oh this is another chicken for us, let’s go through the heat from it so that it can come out on a gold platter at the other side” and the more the heat that you go through, the better the quality of the food/results that will be produced at the end of the day.😀 And this is how we have been able to tackle some challenges in our programme executions, government registrations, reaches, etc.😊 But outside of all these, we do have a lot of fun in doing our programmes 🕺🏼💃🏼😊

Zara Obaa: 🙂🙂 About the hurdles… When tough times come, what’s your recipé for overcoming?

Jeremiah Oseni: Prayers and good counsel. Then I try not to magnify the problem, because of course I’m bigger than whatever challenge it is. So I try not to think about it too much and go about ways of overcoming the hurdles easily.

Zara Obaa: Unto Money matters… How do you get funding for your projects?

Jeremiah Oseni: So far funding has only come from friends and family members. This is because I have made it so, I’m not into this for profit or name and all of that. What we do doesn’t actually cost much, we need more hands to work than the money. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be open to big organizations or Partnerships soon, we just want to go some extent with our own funds for now and establish things on ground before going out for grants and other.

Zara Obaa: Why the focus on the girl child? Why not children generally?

Jeremiah Oseni: Dbegotin Educational Foundation doesn’t just focus on the Girl Child, we promote literacy in its entirety, not considering gender, tribe or religion. But where we focus on the Girl Child is on the area of the #EndChildMarriage programnme which we do. And also for the advocacy programme on Girls equal enrollment in schools.

Zara Obaa: Tell us about the Spelling Bee competition that is coming up.

Jeremiah Oseni: Okay, the Spelling Bee Competition – #SBC, is a programme under our Literacy Enhancement drive which we organise annually with the aim to Inspire, Motivate and Celebrate pupils in Local Education Authority Schools. The event enrolls strictly, only pupils from LEA schools across the areas we have our presence in already and winners of this event are awarded full tuition scholarships till they leave secondary School and this year, the grand winner will also be installed and celebrated as an Area Council Chairman for one day. This we believe will spur the drive for learning and the benefits of Education to these learners.


Blazers, Drums, Guitars and More… A Peek Into The World of FootPrint5

I assure you that you are in for a good read today😉… I had fun in the course of this E-terview. These guys are brothers… like BROTHERS! They are down-to-earth and one vibe that comes off of them is their love for the Lord. So, here they are… FootPrint 5… Meet Phillip, George, Clem, Excellent and Ken (Who couldn’t join us for this)… Gospel Rock Artists(Yes, you read that right😀) Enjoy the read.

Zara Obaa: It’s a pleasure having you on Everyday People… May we mEEt you.

Philip: Hello zara

Zara Obaa: Hello Phillip.

Philip: Ok im Philip Sylvester aka Saint keys….. piano player for footprint5

Zara Obaa: Saint Keys🙂… meaning you’re that good on the key board/piano… I’m guessing.

Excellent: I’m Excellent Christopher(E-base) play the bass guitar for footprint5

Philip: That’s what they say🖐🏼. God helping.

Zara Obaa: Nice meeting you E-baze…. your nick names say alot about what you do…

Philip: One of us is absent here. His name is Kenneth Igado background vocals n lead guitarist footprint5

Clement: Hello Zara.
I’m Clem (drummer/arranger) FootPrint5

Zara Obaa: Nice having you here Clem…

George: Hello, I’m George. I’m lead vocalist,back guitarist of the band…Also APE (Apostle Prophet and Evangelist)😄😌

Zara Obaa: 🙂This is getting interesting. How about Ken?

George: He’s the back up vocalist and lead guitarist of the band … and also the first born of the married ☺
the rest of us are following his 👣 soon by His grace.

From Left to Right
Phillip, Ken, George, Clem and E-baze

Zara Obaa: I see🙂… So, how did you all meet?

Philip: We met during school, University of Benin. As God would have it we all were in the same fellowship together(CFI) and were all serving in the same unit. Shortly after we left school, the band was formed. Id say our meeting each other was divinely arranged by God….

Zara Obaa: What factors led you to become a band? Did it just happen or it was carefully thought out?

Philip: Thats a lovely question. There are two aspects of Ministry…. there’s a professional part,the skill and the spiritual aspect… So it’s a yes and no…. I mean to say.. professionally, it was carefully thought about. We are into rock music but our backgrounds of music spreads across all genres…jazz, pop…. but we felt a lead to use rock music as our own tool to preach the gospel. Gospel Rock music seemed to be lacking for a long while… I mean been done the right way and as God will have it, we naturally found a common interest in rock music. George for example has been a rock freak since mother’s womb lol… Ebaze was a metal fan


Philip: Clem had his love for Soft and hard rock… and so on… I was a fan of soft and indie it flowed naturally to form ours 🏃🏼

Zara Obaa: Issokay… You guys don’t even sound Nigerian😁 What reaction do you get From people when you introduce yourselves as a rock band?

Philip: Hahaha… thanks Zara.

Excellent: Wow,well initially when we started telling people we were a rock band, it sounded like we were comedians, I.e we were jokers . And what we were constantly hearing was that “ya right, rock in Nigeria smh” but as a band we knew that if God didn’t have a purpose for us doing rock music it would show in due time so we took in the discouragement to fuel our passion to work more and become better rock musicians.

George: Joy, excitement, especially when they find out we are a christian rock band, they are happy ‘cos they don’t get to hear our kind of sound in churches only on tv, mp3s and so on…but when they hear and watch us live they are blown away…

Philip: Preach on sir🖐🏼

Excellent: But as of today,to God be the glory. When we say we are a rock band, the expectations on people’s faces, eagerness to wanna hear us and b ministered to is just breathless.

Zara Obaa: Wow… how long have you been together?

Philip: Its been a long time coming…FootPrint5 Band was formed officially December 26 2012. We have been together over 6 years now.

Zara Obaa: And how has the journey been?

Excellent: Hmmm… rough but I must say God has been faithful to us honestly. Not easy to carve out your niche in an environment that doesn’t really appreciate you,if your’e not careful frustration would be the order of the day. Lol

Philip: True. But still God has blown our minds… He has taken us far above almost every top platform in this country and we’ve tasted of His goodness.

Zara Obaa: True that… how do you deal with such challenges?

Excellent: First of all we pray about it, I mean serious prayers o, Mrs. Zara you should join us in one of prayer sessions lol I just hope d fire we call down don’t burn ur clothes. Lol

Zara Obaa: Don’t be too sure… 🙂

Philip: Lol. My brother has said it all. We pray about it… then to a great extent, the bond amongst us keeps us tightly through the process. Our Hopes and Faith that there’s a brighter future in this takes us through the process.

Clement: To add to some of d challenges we faced at a time, been a performer can be daunting at times and you would like to take your career to the next level. We had issues with finance when we wanted to record our album, had issues with getting d right places to play…but all thanks to God we have pulled through.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… About finances, how do you run the band? Where do your finances come from?

Philip: Finance finance finance. We aren’t under a label yet so it leaves the work and everything else on us.

George Igado: As at d time of recording the album we were still young. It cost us over half a million to record a 10 album track.. but since then, things have been better financially. We funded the project on our own.

Philip: No sponsors too… the progress for now is from proceeds generated by the band.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… And the Lord has been faithful… About your songs, do you all write or you have a song writer?

Clement: We write our songs. Then we sing popular songs also but we arrange the instrumentals to our own taste

George: Usually Philip and I write the lyrics

Zara Obaa: I’m curious… If/when you have disagreements, how do you handle them?

George: 🙄

Philip: Oh lord… Zara is digging deep. First we must not forget that those disagreements are bound to occur and they have strengthened us. Usually there are two ways… the ones we could handle ourselves, we have a general meeting and just deal with them… Then the ones above us… we have some loving fathers and mothers to the band who we could talk to and they help resolve

Excellent: Yes exactly

Zara Obaa: Now this brings up the issue of mentoring… As a band, do you have a mentor in the area of music together or everyone has his mentor?

Philip: Yes of course… but we have lots of them in various areas. We have individually and as a band…Our parents, pastors….. we have different persons who fit in all different areas

Clement: I have lots of drumming war-lords. And my spiritual fathers also.

Zara Obaa: 😁😁😁

Philip: When we need a love life coaching for example…we’ve got who to run to…

George: 😌

Philip: If financial ideas….music ideas… the list is endless… We don’t have a direct music mentor for now…I believe a mentor is one you have a direct contact with in physical. We are the only ones doing our style-gospel rock presently. The mentors we look up to are not physically around right like Hillsong, Casting Crowns …

Zara Obaa: I like this…So, how do you handle all the attention that comes with being rock stars?

Philip: George gets all the attention 😜

George: Hian 😄 Not really o… well 🙄

Zara Obaa: 😃😃😃 And I had wanted to direct the question to him oh…

George: lol

Excellent: Yea. 🤔🤨😞

Clement: Drummers are never recognised… So sad.

Zara Obaa: 😂😂😂

Philip: The Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct. I think there’s a wrong thought that being rock stars has to do with those who live crazy life stlyes…crazy looks. So to spread the gospel to all…We try to break that idea and also try not to allow the trend get to us so we can fit in perfectly on all platforms

Zara Obaa: Hmmmm… I was coming to that… so how do you go about breaking the idea… and how do you work at not letting the trend get to you?

Philip: God has blessed us with kingdom minded members…when those attention come, we find a way to hand them over to God lol.

Excellent: I like to be in character when going for a gig so I put on this serious rock star look but it tends to chase the fans away from me😭😭

George: lol

Philip: Lol… moderate dressing then our choice of words… people afar may think “oh these guys are superstars…” this and that.. when we get a chance to come close we intentionally make ourselves accessible.. we allow them take selfies and not push away to seem termed proud. God has brought us from nothing to where we are… so the fame doesn’t even light a match in our heads..its grace that has given us all we have. We also try to honor invitation if we are free no matter how small… our audience is to all.

Zara Obaa: How often do you get invites to minister?

Philip: Not frequent..kind of seasonal. There are sometimes we get very busy on the road while other times its otherwise. Although we got to find out that we need to create more awareness of our music within and outside Nigeria… just like you’re doing right now for us.

Zara Obaa: So, what do you do in the times when you aren’t so busy?

Philip: We brain storm, work on more songs, studio sessions, rehearsals….

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… Does any of you have a regular 9 to 5 job?

George: u mean like in an office?

Zara Obaa: Yes.

George: No we don’t. We have businesses we are running.

Zara Obaa: Great! Separately or together?

George: Separately. Because of the frequency of our gigs, we can’t afford to be in an office and then tell the boss “I’m going for a gig”

Zara Obaa: 😀I can imagine.

George: We also play for other gospel artistes passively but our invites is priority

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… as a group, what keeps you going? Any anchor scripture, a word that has held you together?

Philip: A little bit of History.. firstly we had a mandate of FootPrint5. The name FootPrint5 was given in an encounter we had. And the message was to spread the gospel of Christ to everyone. Our anchor scripture is Luke 4:18. It clearly defines the mission statement we run with

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free…”
A supporting scripture which keeps us strong when ever we are going through tough times and we need our hopes revived is Hebrews 6:19

“This hope [this confident assurance] we have as an anchor of the soul [it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whatever pressure bears upon it]—a safe and steadfast hope that enters within the veil [of the heavenly temple, that most Holy Place in which the very presence of God dwells”

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… What’s your focus whenever you are to minister before an audience?

George: Hian… Our focus is God’s objectives or will be done in the lives of the people. The last ministration, someone walked up to me and said as we started performing on stage her Ulceric pain vanished…for us it’s total satisfaction when we hear these testimonies.

Zara Obaa: Wow!

Philip: Glory

George: Recently we got a word of knowledge from someone who said God showed her the things that go on when we minister… healings, deliverances… and we don’t get to know

Zara Obaa: Hallelujah!!! I guess for you guys, there’s this satisfaction of knowing that “Yass! We are in the will of God”😀

George: Safest place to be. Even with the storms ..when you know your’e in God’s will, that’s enough hope, security, comfort and confidence

Philip: Word!!!

Zara Obaa: Word! I wish Ken was here to answer this: I want to know if there has been any difference in his commitment since he got married but maybe George can answer?

George: ☺ This was a major concern for us all but I had a conversation with him and he told me that before he got married he and his wife had discussed this extensively. She’s in total support of his ministry.

Zara Obaa: Great.

George: His commitment hasn’t dwindled… On our next trip she would be coming along with us. As we get married we would go along with our spouses

Zara Obaa: Yessoo…Nice.

George: 😌 👌🏽

Philip: Lol. very true

Zara Obaa: On planning, do you make short or long term plans as a group and who sees to that?

George: Hmmm…Man may plan but God is final authority😌 Planning ain’t bad. Whatever God reveals to us, whatever means He uses, we stick to His plan for that moment but we’ve had some plans go the other way 🤣…but yes we have short term and long term goals..things we want to acheive as a band.

Zara Obaa: I like this… What one word will you use to describe yourself that brings ‘flavor’ to FootPrint 5… Beginning with Phillip.

Philip: Ok…Hmmmm… Cuteness. Just kidding

Zara Obaa: 😀

George Igado: 🤭

Philip: #Passion and Melody…Winks. Oh… you said one word… Passion🤦🏽‍♂ hope that makes sense. Lol

Zara Obaa: Yes it does. Ok George?

George: Flavor😨? sekem? lol to be honest i haven’t thought of this

Zara Obaa: Hian? No way!!!😃 Here’s a thinking cap🎩

George: lol

Philip: For Clem I’m sure it would be…#Timing and precision.

Zara Obaa: One word…

Philip: Precision

George: Melody

Zara Obaa: You see…the cap worked 👍🏽

George: Lol. I’m keeping it

Zara Obaa: 👍🏽 What will it be for Ken and E-baze?

George: For Ken its Rhythm.

Zara Obaa: What one word will you like to leave with a reader of this page?

Philip: Okk. A word? Stay #Hopeful

George: Trust in God patiently wait on Him cause He’s too faithful and reliable.

Philip: Stay Hopeful, Truthful, Believing and Faithful God in your life walk with Him. It will pay off in the end.

Excellent: Ok the watch word should be consistency, be focused and be prayerful.

Clement: To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.

Zara Obaa: That’s a wrap… thank you all for your time.


Megan Adediran, Making a Difference, …Affecting Lives

I never heard the word Haemophilia until I mEt Mrs. Megan Adediran… If you’ve ever needed a how to on turning your challenges to oh-so-amazing victories, then, trust me when I tell you you are literarily at the right page😉… So, sit back, relax and read on… Here are the excerpts.

Zara Obaa: Good day Ma. It’s a pleasure having you on Everyday People. May we meet you?

Mrs. Adediran: My name is Megan Buckie Adediran. Founder and Executive Director Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… For the benefit of our readers, what is haemophilia?

Mrs. Adediran: Haemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder. Simply put persons with haemophilia cannot form a clot after an injury so they bleed longer than normal.

Zara Obaa: I’d like to ask: Are you a medical professional?

Mrs. Adediran: No, am actually an accountant by discipline.

Zara Obaa: Accountant? So what’s the connection? How did you go from Accounting to the medical line?

Mrs. Adediran: Simply put….the love of a mother.. Youknow mothers will do anything for their children. When my first son was diagnosed with an inherited bleeding disorder called haemophilia, I was told the medication was not available in the country and that they hardly survive past their first 3 years. So that’s the connection… Mother’s love.

Zara Obaa: Hmmmm…
If I may ask, what was your reaction to such daunting news? You been told your little bundle of joy may not live past toddling age.

Mrs. Adediran: Shock, anger, disbelief, dumbfounded fear…. Just think of all the negative feelings one can have. But in the middle of all that, a voice whispered to my spirit…. Be still! Then I really don’t know where I got that response from, I told the doctor MY SON WILL NOT DIE. Note that at this stage of his life he was 21 months old and had received 3 blood transfusions already.

Zara Obaa: 😱😱😱
What was on your mind as per “What do we so next?”

Mrs. Adediran: What a question…. Truthfully at that initial stage nothing. I spoke the word but for the next 2 years all I did was cry; cry and cry asking God WHY ME?

Zara Obaa: Did you receive any answers?

Mrs. Adediran: NO! Then I got to a point in my life when I sat down to change my question to God…. from why me to God what are you trying to teach me? Please help me. Then I got answers.

Zara Obaa: Answers… how?

Mrs. Adediran: God began to lead me…. The first scripture I got was Hosea 4:6 My people perish for lack of knowledge. So I started reading books, and gathering information about the condition.

Zara Obaa: So, what did you do with the information you gathered?

Mrs. Adediran: The first 8 years of my son’s life was like someone traveling through a dark tunnel with no light, no road map and unaware of what lies at the end of the tunnel. So I began by buying books to read. I wanted to know all I could about blood and how it works. Why my son’s blood won’t clot.
After this I took a step further and started going to the internet (then internet wasn’t as easily accessible as it now now) so Hepzibah (a café) became my second office. I will go and google all I can about haemophilia, print out and come home to read. I made sure I became well informed…. Knew my son’s challenge, knew the solution. But the question now was how do I reach the solution?

Zara Obaa: Mmmhmmm… So, what came next?

Mrs. Adediran: By 2000 I met a nurse online from South Africa, she became a little ray of light in my dark tunnel. She will send me books and CDs I can read and watch to educate me the more. With this help over a period of 2-3 years, I continued to improve of what haemophilia is and what lies ahead for my son. I also so saw the danger in depending on whole blood transfusion as a means of management.
By year 2004, he was 8 years then and had received 7 blood transfusions. With the knowledge I had gathered I said Enough is enough. No more blood transfusion. I went online and searched for haemophilia organizations and ‘Prof Google’ came up with 67.

I returned home, wrote my son’s story and sent to all. 3 days after I received an email from Assad saying “your son’s story has been coming from every corner of the world, what can I do to help?’
I replied him that I need help. He asked my phone contact, and gave me call. On July 12, 2004 DHL brought me 27 bottles of anti-haemophilic concentrates. Money value ?….1.5m I was so happy. We used it and I saw the difference. I sent an email of appreciation back and he replied ‘your son cannot be the only haemophilia in Nigeria/you can do something” and that something I have continued to do since then.

Zara Obaa: Wow. That was the start of something great. So far, what has the journey been like?

Mrs. Adediran: The journey has not been easy but God has remained faithful. We started in 2005 with just one registered person (my son). Today we have 354 persons we serve.

In 2005 we did not have any recognized Haemophilia Treatment Centres in the country. Today we have 19 centres. At the beginning treatment products for haemophilia was unavailable in the country, today not only do we have treatment products we have children on regular treatment called prophylaxis.

We have indeed come a long way but the truth is there is so much ground left to cover.

Zara Obaa: Wow. For you, Seeing how far you’ve come, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from this?

Mrs. Adediran: Biggest lesson….hmmm.Trust God in everything…. As he can make beautiful things out of ugly nothing. I owe everything today to God.

Zara Obaa: Hmmmm… what is the greatest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?

Mrs. Adediran: Wow!!!! The challenges come in stages and are still coming… One of the greatest challenge was getting the government to accept that this condition is a problem and needs their intervention. It took years of continuous advocacy….being persistent and consistent. And in 2016 the breakthrough came. The Federal Ministry of Health accepted and appointed a desk officer. This has been followed by 3 states.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… what has made you stick with this? Someone else would throw in the towel oh… given the fact that her child has received attention alread…

Mrs. Adediran: I saw this as a calling, my purpose….I found fulfillment anytime I get a call from a new family and am able to help. So I understand that “this is what I am created for… Sent here to do”

Zara Obaa: I love this Ma. In your own words, what will you say is a calling as most people are trying to find or know the call of God upon their lives.

Mrs. Adediran: A calling is that assignment which God has given to us to do to affect humanity positively. That is calling in my own words.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… Will you say you have a support system? Sort of a place/ person where you draw strength from?

Mrs. Adediran: Wow!!! Of course I have a source of strength. First God and then Laurie Kelley (a mother of a person with haemophilia) she is my role model in this struggle.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… Did you enjoy the support of family and friends from the very beginning?

Mrs. Adediran: That was a blessing God gave me. Knowing the African belief and being told by a doctor that your son has a condition that is life long and he took it from his mother, one can imagine the reaction of the average African in-laws. But God took charge. I have the most wonderful mother in law one can pray for. Hospital admissions together, prayers together, words of courage. She was really a pillar. And you know once your mother in law accepts you, her son has almost no option.

Zara Obaa: 😁😁😁
True… If you could replay your life again, would you alter this part of your story?

Mrs. Adediran: Truthfully, NO. This phase in my life has brought out the best in me. Made me use the potentials that God deposited in me. If not for this part of the story I really wouldn’t have a story. God has used this part of the story to mold me. Make me the best I can be.

Zara Obaa: ❤❤❤
I’m aware that you recently concluded a conference… please can you give us a brief detail about it and how often it comes up?

Mrs. Adediran: Yes, it was our annual national conference. This year was the 12th with the theme MOVING FORWARD. To the glory of God the conference was a success. We had participants from across the country. It is a conference that brings together healthcare providers, patients and their families.

Zara Obaa: And this holds every year? How effective is it in spreading the knowledge of Hemophilia and it’s care?

Mrs. Adediran: The conference actually is the biggest gathering of the community and we try as much as possible to use it to create awareness, which is why host city is rotated.

The conference has helped us to have more healthcare providers involved in our work.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… great work you and your team are doing Ma’am…
What word will you like to leave a reader of this page?

Mrs. Adediran: No matter the challenge you face in life, remember that there is a supreme being who has written the script if our life and His thoughts is always of good not evil. He will always make all things beautiful in His time.

Zara Obaa:I’d like to say a big thank you for your time on Everyday People. Do have a great day.

Mrs. Adediran: Thanks so much for having me. It is a great honour.


Unwavering…, Ever Trusting… Solomon Sani

The first time I heard the song My Trust in You, it spoke volumes to me… Opportunity presented me some time with the inspiration and the voice behind the song… Meet Pst. Solomon Sani- The one whose trust and hope the Lord is and who has sang it out loud for the whole world to know. Do enjoy the read…

Zara Obaa: Good day Sir. It’s a pleasure having you on the E-zine today… May we meet you?

Pst. Solomon Sani: Thank you. It’s nice meeting you. My name is Solomon Sani. I’m a Jos based gospel artist. Deep worshipper. Song Writer. A gospel minister and I’m passionate about what I do. I hail from kogi state, Igala by tribe. I started singing at the age of 10. I’m also a motivational Speaker and serving pastor with Victory power Assembly Int Jos. Solomon Sani has shared stage with many great gospel artist both locally and internationally and served as a music Director in several choirs and groups till date.

Zara Obaa: 10 is quite a yong age to have started singing… were you influenced by your parents to join the choir then or it was something you enjoyed doing?

Pst. Solomon Sani: It was actually something I loved doing. I love playing drums and that influenced me to join the choir at a tender age. But then, my parents also gave me a push…

Zara Obaa: Hmmmm…So, Pastoring, tell us a bit about that… how did you get into ministry?

Pst. Solomon Sani: *smile* I think it was a calling and mandate from God. I saw myself leading people and influencing their lives positively. I love people and I want to see them doing well in every aspect of their lives… One day, at our church after service, my pastor located me and asked to enroll in the church Bible school and I did… Then I was ordained as a pastor.

Zara Obaa: Tell us about the process of becoming… Having to go through Bible School… How easy was it?

Pst. Solomon Sani: Hmmmm… it was not easy oooh… You have to come to the study class Early if not you’d be disciplined… But all the same it was sweet as the in depth of the word of God is been taught.

Zara Obaa: Care to share some life lessons you learnt during that period that reflect in the way you handle the issues that come your way now?

Pst. Solomon Sani: Alright, the Subject of Faith: The fact that faith is the assurance ofthings not seen but hoped for… Trusting God even when there is no evidence. This really helped to shape my belief in God, that no matter what am going through, it’s temporal. So any time I face some challenges, I don’t give up. I wait on God patiently to come through for me. I know that God is never late.

Zara Obaa: So, on motivational speaking, is it something which comes to you naturally or you went through courses to become a speaker?

Pst. Solomon Sani: It came to me naturally but when I went through some courses, it became better and I went deeper… I hate to see people giving up their dreams and I find myself giving people hope and God has helped me to put smiles on peoples’ faces.

Zara Obaa: Hmmmm… tell us a bit more about your career as a speaker… did you always know this is what you’d be doing or you moved here and there before settling for speaking?

Pst. Solomon Sani: Well , My major focus right now is music. I speak on invitation and one on one for now but settling down for speaking, don’t really know but Time shall tell.

Zara Obaa:Yes, music… I’ve listened to your song My Trust is in You- Great song it is… what was the inspiration behind that song?

Pst. Solomon Sani: Well, the song is very personal to me. You know how sometimes you have some people you look up to, who you know for sure are in a position to help you.. They make you promises and you are excited about it but when it’s time for them to fulfill their promise, they throw their back on you. that is very painful. I have been through a lot of failures and disappointments from people I trusted but the moment I shift my focus from ‘Man’ and place it on God, things begin to work out for me… then I remember the Scripture in the book of Jeremiah 17 verse 5 that says “Cursed is the one who trust in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the lord. The moment I read that, I caught a light. Meaning I am “Cursed” for Trusting in man. Wow! what freedom I contacted that night. That scripture changed a whole lot of things for me. Since that day,I stopped Trusting in men. Man cannot help you. Only God can. The song: My Trust is in you is a song of hope, wired to help people shift their trust from man and look up to Jesus who is Sure, Dependable , Reliable. Man can let you down but God can not… God is our source and men are a resource. It’s better to trust in the source than the resource. When your trust is in your source that is God, when one of your resource fails, He will give you another one. God is the owner of your resource.

Zara Obaa: Word!!! It’s a deep song … Asides from this song, are you currently working on other songs or an album?

Pst. Solomon Sani: Yes. I’m currently working on a new song … ” He Do Am for me” which will soon drop. My album will also drop by next year.

Zara Obaa: Ok. What is people’s reaction to you as a Pastor?… This is me being curious… Do people accept you immediately or you have people looking at you and sizing you up? Have you had people question your ability to Pastor?

Pst. Solomon Sani: People’s acceptance was massive. Because even before I became a pastor, I was already graced by God. Infact people started seeing me as a pastor before I became one. The love I got from people was Awesome! Nobody questions my ability at all because they had already seen the Hand of God on my life and ministry.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm…so where do you see yourself in the next 4-5 years?

Pst. Solomon Sani: In the next 4-5years I see my self affecting so many people’s lives positively and then becoming a household name all over the world.

Zara Obaa: Are there times you wonder if perhaps you should be doing something else asides from what you do now?

Pst. Solomon Sani: Aaah nooo… before now I was working in a Bank and I wasn’t satisfied because I had deviated from my purpose and dream for 5 years… I had to quit banking and now I’m happy and fulfilled doing what I’m doing… No regrets.

Zara Obaa: What word would you like to leave a reader of this page?

Pst. Solomon Sani: I want to say to you that you are a champion. Don’t let nobody’s opinion about you change your confession. Men’s opinion about you don’t count as long as you believe in yourself and make God your Source of Hope. You are a winner and not a loser ,a victor and not a victim. Men cannot make you, only God can. My prayer for you is that as you go out every day, go out with this mindset. Be excited about it and you will smile again. Thank you.

Zara Obaa: 👍👍👍
Thank you sooo much for your time Sir… It’s been a pleasure having you on Everyday people…


Ope’s World…

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year!!! So, to begin the year is someone whose work I’ve been admiring for a while now… Meet Ope Fasanya…  A scientist and very hands on Dad to his children, he is also passionate about photography… I chatted him up in the course of the week and he graciously granted me audience… Here are excerpts from my E-terview with him…


Zara Obaa: Hello Ope. It’s nice to have you here… May we meet you…? Who is Ope?

Ope Fasanya: Lol… thanks so much. Really not sure how to answer that question. Different answers depending on whom you ask. To two little boys I’m a father. To one lovely lady I’m a husband. To others I’m a friend. To the Federal government of Nigeria I’m a scientist on their payroll and to some others I’m a photography enthusiast.

Zara Obaa: 😁😁😁 Ok… Let’s begin with your name…

Ope Fasanya: That’s easy…Opeoluwa Olusola Fasanya…

Zara Obaa: So, scientist is rather ambigous… what’s your specialization?

Ope Fasanya: I’m a chemical engineer by training.

Zara Obaa: Wow! What do you mean by photography enthusiast? Just something you have a passion for or something more?

Ope Fasanya: By photography enthusiast I’m currently between being an amateur and a full professional.

Zara Obaa: Ok… I guess I’m a complete amateur cos I think most of your shots  I’ve seen  are awesome… so, how did it all begin? Photography that is.


Ope Fasanya: Hahahahaha thanks so much. How it all began… Well that’s a tough one… For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved photographs. I’d spend hours going through my grandparents numerous albums as a kid and my parents albums. I fooled around with my dad’s Pentax(film camera) while in secondary school but never really took any pictures. My first vivid memory of shooting was with Nuru Jay’s point and shoot camera at the first ywap boothcamp camp. Had no idea what I was doing but I loved it and the rush I felt. I was part of the media team in YWAP. In 2013 I bought my first camera… A point and shoot. A small black Sony TXT100 camera. Then I started to study the art and science of photography. Not as well as I should have though but I studied… In 2015 I bought my first DsLr camera… Every day I made sure I took pictures. My confidence began to grow and haven’t stopped shooting since then.


Zara Obaa: So, it’s a passion that morphed into business(I’m guessing?)

Ope Fasanya: Yes… It’s not fully a business though. Still more passion than business because of what I love to photograph?

Zara Obaa: Which is…?

Ope Fasanya: Nature. I’m a big fan of sunrises, sunsets, animals, plants, clouds… That kinda stuff. Photographing that doesn’t really pay bills.


Zara Obaa: 😁😁😁 So back to the job that pays the bills… Did you always want to do Chemical Engineering or the Nigerian system chose for you?

Ope Fasanya: Growing up I wanted to study medicine… But jamb happened.

Zara Obaa: Regardless, you do appreciate the science now abi?

Ope Fasanya: Well… In some ways; yes, I do. It’s been a bit of a struggle to be honest but still at it.

Zara Obaa: How do you overcome the struggle days?

Ope Fasanya: Perseverance I guess. Chemical engineering doesn’t come easy to me… But by spending time in it some of it sinks in. Lol. Hopefully by December or 1st quarter of next year will have a PhD in chemical engineering.


Zara Obaa: 😨😨😨 Wow!!!… Do you think your studies have a bearing in any way on your photography?

Ope Fasanya: Photography helps… When I get frustrated it helps me breathe.

Zara Obaa: Hmmmmmm…

Ope Fasanya: Finding a way to balance family, studies, work, and photography. Not the easiest of things but trying nonetheless.

Zara Obaa: Tell us more about the trying part… how do you get through each day?

Ope Fasanya: That’s a tough one…most of the time I try to remember Colossians 3:23… Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. Unto God and not unto man… So basically just put all my energy into that.

Zara Obaa: What will you say is the one thing (or two things) that keeps you going?

Ope Fasanya: My boys. Family… The three of them.. wifey and our two boys.

Zara Obaa: Great… What role would you say the home plays in a man achieving all he sets out to?

Ope Fasanya: Focus. Anchor.

Zara Obaa: Hmmmm… what/who have been the greatest influences in your life?

Ope Fasanya: Different people at different times really… Dad, mom, Dr Charles ononiwu, Dr Abdulazeez Atta, Mimi… Various people…

Zara Obaa: Hmmmm… what’s your take on mentoring generally?

Ope Fasanya: I think it’s a must that everyone has a mentor in whatever chosen field they desire to excel in. It’s just important that one remembers that these mentors are human and very very prone to errors also.

Zara Obaa: The reason I asked is because the younger generation these days feel they can go it alone and I keep wondering if I’m archaic… So, where do you see yourself 5 years from now…

Ope Fasanya: Well the world is a much colder place so a lot of people do try to “make it alone.” But we all need true guidance in one form or the other. Some have been badly burnt by mentors.  I’ve  also seen others scarred by people they looked up to. In 5 years… To be honest I’m not really sure. So many different possible pathways…

Zara Obaa: … Ok… say with photography. .. where do you see you with that in 3-5 years?

Ope Fasanya: I’d like for people to know my name lol. Yeah it’s a lil vain but would really like people to know me for the images Ive created.

Zara Obaa: 👍👍👍
So far, what’s your best image? Something you took and after taking a look at it, you went ‘Wow!’

Ope Fasanya: That’s a really tough one. Asides pictures of my boys I’d say there are a couple of really lovely sunsets that blew my mind.


Zara Obaa: Do you think you’d ever hold an exhibition of your work?

Ope Fasanya: I really hope to participate in one this year.
Zara Obaa: I hope it happens for you… what word will you like to leave for a reader of this page?

Ope Fasanya: Amen. Thanks so so much. For the readers… You are never too old to discover and pursue a passion. I’ve gotten to meet photographers in their 70’s who really enjoy creating images. It applies to all fields. Computer programming, writing, music etc. Dedicate some time to it and watch it grow…Eventually someone will probably want to pay you for your talent. The first wedding I shot was in December 2015. And I honestly didn’t understand why I was being called. Now I shoot at least one wedding every two months:D. Still nervous when I shoot them but it’s always amazing when the results are seen at the end of the day.

Zara Obaa: Thank you so much for your time Ope…. Really appreciate it…


And so, it’s a wrap dear reader… It’s still early morning 2018… Do you have a passion, Ope has left us some great words: “pursue it”… And it doesn’t matter whether youre 18, 35 or 70… Go ahead and pursue it. You can follow Ope on Instagram @opefas have an amazing week. Thank you.


Entrepreneurial Thoughts With Blessing Haruna

Hello dear reader… trying to describe today’s Everyday Person is quite a task for me ‘cos I really do not have the right words… If you’ve ever heard of Brachah Leather, then this is the beautiful person behind it. If you haven’t,  then get ready to… Cool, calm and uber talented Blessing… Her work does speak for her… It was absolutely my pleasure doing this… Enjoy the excerpts…


Zara Obaa: Hello Blessing.  It’s a pleasure having you here… May we meet you?

Blessing: Good evening.  I am Blessing Haruna. A graduate of Economics Education from Nasarawa State University, Keffi. I’m from kogi state,but was born and raised in Kaduna. I am the Creative director of Brachah, which is a leather accessories brand. We create leather  handbags and accessories made from locally sourced materials.

Zara Obaa: I take it you enjoy what you do…? Did you always know this is what you’d be doing or you had had other dreams/desires?

Blessing: Lol…I love what I do. I’ve always been creative, but never imagined I’ll be designing bags. Some time back,I visited a bookstore my mum use to buy my books from when I was little and the store owner said he thought I was going to be an artist because each time I visited the store with mum,I was always crying for crayons. Lol.


Zara Obaa: :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Nice one… how does your knowledge of Economics help your work?

Blessing: Bag making started casually for me . I love to tell people that ask where I learnt it from,that it’s a gift I developed over time. I plan to get professional training soon though. But at the same time, I’ve always been business oriented. I love the idea of being paid for what I enjoy doing… Basically, I understand the law of demand and supply … lol.  It has also helped me with pricing my products. I have a comprehensive view of my business, which have helped me in making quality decisions that has helped my business grow.


Zara Obaa: I’ve always thought the best thing to happen to anyone is being paid for something they love to do… So, business or paid work… if you weren’t doing what you do now, which would you go for?

Blessing: Lol …Business all the way. I’ve never really seen myself as a 9 to 5 person. I’ve engaged in other businesses even in school before I discovered my gift in bag making in my last semester in school.

Zara Obaa: Wow. What’s your take on entrepreneurship in this country?

Blessing: Even though not everyone is called to be an entrepreneur, the unemployment rate in the country is forcing people to look inward. A lot of youths are turning their passions into businesses.  But i  think we have more of technicians doing the work of an entrepreneur. I’m a technician in transition. I love the creative aspect and I’m learning to deal with the business part of my craft.


Zara Obaa: Hmmmm… That’s a thought. So what was the inspiration behind the Brachah brand?

Blessing: Brachah is inspired by northern cultural elements. Maybe it’s because I’ve been around the north all my life. But I’m passionate about  Arewa and it has influenced everything about the brand.

Zara Obaa: What has the journey been like so far?

Blessing: Interesting, challenging , frustrating… Lol. At a point I tried my hands on some other businesses because I wasn’t sure if bag making was it… I found it difficult to sell and I had no other sources of income. I’m glad I persisted. But generally, I’ve learnt to live from my inside out. I’ve had to do a lot of mind work. So far, God has been faithful.


Zara Obaa: Learning to live inside out… how do you do that?

Blessing: We manifest on the outside what we are on the inside. I believe success is a mind set. Every thing I’m experiencing in business now are the pictures I’ve had in mind. I tell you…even the clients I have now were all in the picture I held on to. Currently working on rebranding and the bulk of the work is in the mind too. So I’m upgrading the pictures I’m seeing.

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… so basically one can hardly be in the future he or she hasn’t pictured… What would you say your temperament is?

Blessing: Yes hardly. I’m an introvert 🙂

Zara Obaa: That gives you plenty thinking time🙂. So asides from your business, what else are you up to? This is me being very forward;)

Blessing: Lol…Just Cofounded a Networking platform for business/career women called Sheboss connect. Our vision is to build a community of women drawing strength from each other. We believe we are stronger together.


Zara Obaa: Hmmm…. what has been happening on the Sheboss platform so far?

Blessing: Sheboss connect is barely 2months. We had our first outing on the 12th of Nov. The turn out was amazing and we had so many encouraging feedbacks. We have other events lined up to be announced later. 🙂

Zara Obaa: Hmmm… Dear reader you can follow Sheboss connect on Instagram for further info🙂 Thank me later;). So how do you handle unexpexted occurrences which are unpleasant?

Blessing: Oh well, I don’t take life too seriously. I believe there is nothing I can’t handle. Everything starts with me. I’m naturally gentle and calm too. I hardly react physically and if I ever try to,I just end up crying… Lol. Basically, everything happens inside… My nature I guess.

Zara Obaa: What motivates/inspires you?

Blessing: Passion is my driving force. The ability to create a piece that wows people,and that  they are proud of identifying with the brand, keeps me going. The joy of bringing a sketch to life,all the brain work that goes into it. Working with leather,oh the smell of leather… Lol. Getting feedbacks from clients, referrals from satisfied clients, and other great designers that I look up to inspire me to keep moving.


Zara Obaa: Seeing how far you’ve come,  what’s your advice to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Blessing: Always do you. Find what you love and immerse yourself in it. Consistency will always pay off.

Zara Obaa: I’m backing up a bit… who are your mentors if there are any?

Blessing: Mrs Femi Olayebi of Femi Handbag. I’ve been inspired by Mrs Amina Adefala of Gidan Nodza and Aisha Ashadu of Zashadu.

Zara Obaa: Give me a 5 year projection… where do you see you 5 years from now?


Blessing: I’m not the type of person that has a  long term plan in place. I take one day at a time. I just follow my convictions. I know when it’s time to move and I move.

Zara Obaa: Ok… What word would you like to leave a reader of this page?

Blessing: You are what you think. Maintain positive vibes at all times.

Zara Obaa: Hmmmm… Thank you so much for your time…

Blessing: Thanks for having me.