The Ides Of July


I have no intention of trying to define what Ides is… it is a lot of old English tied up in Latin and thing is “me ma I never understand am finish”. For the sake of this post, consider the topic as: The Days Of July 😉

So, hello. It’s been a while… like a long while… Dear reader, how have you been? It seems like it was just yesterday we were all saying “Hello 2019” and then here we are in July already… where did all the time go?🤷‍♂️

Anyways, I kinda struggled with the topic of today’s post… I had really wanted it to be Beginning Again but somehow, the words just would not come together… But the gist behind that would have been plenty… I will however cut it short…

About 2 months ago, my family took a very big and very bold step… we moved from the very familiar to the not so familiar… We migrated from Nigeria and on one of those early days post arrival, while talking about stuff we needed to get and what not I was like “this is like starting our lives all over”… B looks at me and says “It’s not like… it is starting all over”… For the past few weeks, my life I would say has been beautifully busy… This beginning is one that I really like and maybe as time goes on, I’ll get to share it with you…

For now, it’s July and it’s days are going to pass by swiftly as you please… There’s so much to be done but do take a pause in all the busyness now and again to bask in God’s goodness… to count your blessings – whether they are a truckload or a bucketful and when you’re done or while still at it whisper to your maker just how greatful you are…

May your July be everything beautiful and may the lines fall for you in amazing places.



7 thoughts on “The Ides Of July

  • http://Dinchi%20Beida

    Such a beautiful write up. Indeed the Lord has done mighty things that even our mouth can’t tell it all. We always love you, your family and especially your smells…enjoy your stay oversea


      Thank you my dear Sis… you won’t know how much this means to me.

  • http://Ohunene%20Abraham

    Thank you ma for this inspiring write up. I know that all the ides of July count and the clock is ticking, may God help us to make hay while the sum shines. Shalom!


      Amen!!! Thank you dearie.

    • A very wonderful word from a wonderful person.God bless and keep you and your family in the new environment. You will surely conquer.

  • http://Oluwatosin

    My sister from another mother. May your well of inspiration never run dry. Beautiful beginnings indeed…as we watch God unfold His grace upon us. Well done sis!!

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