I got thinking recently and I asked myself,  if I were Jesus (knowing well I never could be), what will I do? ( or rather what could I have done?) Will I have ever agreed to leave the splendor and glory and presence of God and that for 33 years? Hian!… Ok, say I agree to that, next question: Will I have come, not just as a baby but to such humble beginnings? Trust me, Zara would have come swooping down in all my glory from the skies… probably with the whole constellations as my escorts ( That’s the way to make an entrance right? 😁😁😁) Please don’t go looking at me the way you are right now…

But then, think about it: The Son of God! The Sun of righteousness!! Saviour,  Redeemer, coming as He did… living as He did… no wonder I’m pondering like many have before me: “What manner of a man – no, God is this?” and the answer is as simple as this: He did all He did because of love… His love for me… and it’s not just for me… it’s for the whole of humanity… The Almighty God loves us… And that in present continuous tense. He loved us yesterday, He loves us today and He will love us tomorrow… Nothing can separate us from His love!

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He loves you so completely that Jesus chose to come to earth to live… He came in the humblest of forms – as a baby… The One who created the heavens and the earth came as one who needed to be bathed and fed and carried – imagine that. .. He who holds the universe in His hands was being carried by the very hands He fashioned… Oh! I am in awe!!!

The One who is knowledge and understanding and insight and wisdom and excellence sat and learnt under His very creation… what manner of a man… no, God, is this? what manner of a love He loves… Boundless,  unfathomable,  unending, indescribable love!

I am loved! I am His beloved!! This is one fact I can’t get over. It is one fact that keeps amazing me and leaves me constantly in awe… I love Him and all because He loved me first!



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